Master Energy Healer Certification

A bridge into a new age of healthcare

Begin with a lightbody activation. Train in Integrative Energy Healing. Deepen your intuitive mind, spiritual relationships & professional practice.

This grassroots holistic healing training & certification program gives you the structure to heal, learn, train & research with practitioners internationally from the comfort of your home. In our system, you first experience a full and complete healing so that you are better able to connect with and direct energy in your healing practice.


This unique 4-year certification program provides you with a path and training to weave together 5 foundational modalities and EFT:

  • DNA Activation & Attunement
  • USUI Reiki Master
  • Crystal Healing Therapist Certification
  • Spiritual Intuitive Healer Certification
  • Integrative Energy Therapy Systems Certification
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training

All of our certification programs include a co-op option. Co-op provides you the opportunity to work every other semester in the field, while you learn and earn credit towards your courses.



The first 11 months of your program you participate in healing & learning. The final 6 months you are provided with the structure and support to begin or expand your professional practice. 

In our Transcendent Business Practicum and YLAB learn solid business systems to support you both online and in-person business models.

Create physical business plans, blueprints, and flush out working models. Fine-tune your business systems and practices, learn how to develop and nurture partnerships and how to begin or expand your research practice alongside other professionals in the field!

Evidence-based training in preventative treatments...

Your genius as a healer is not awakened from watching others or from reading information. Our curriculum will stoke the fire within and will train, prepare & support you in your professional work. 

Your true genius as a healer is awakened in the EXPERIENCE of healing itself.


The Master Energy Healer Certification Program is a 43 month program designed to help you move into a place of mastery in your professional energy healing practice. Our curriculum is grounded in scientific, evidence based practices and training in the use of energy healing and energy medicine in preventative treatment, education and research. Here is an overview of the curriculum in each of the five modalities taught in this program:



Move through a comprehensive 40 week Lightbody Activation process. Through a series of daily hypnotic, meditative, energy healing experiences you will activate and attune your Lightbody with high vibrational rays of light. Lightbody Activation is like a bootcamp for your energy field. Imagine getting into the best physical shape of your life. Lightbody Activation is going to get you into the best energetic shape of your life.

There are four steps to the lightbody activation process. This has been divided up into courses. 

Lightbody Activation 101 and 102 helps you to clear the energy fields that are closest to your physical body.

When you progress to Lightbody Activation 103 & 104, we open to the light of spirit radiating through the cosmos. This light is also a frequency. Training in returning to this frequency supports our energy healing work. This is because the frequency is the source of healing, and the deepest healing work takes place at this crystalline frequency.

We work in meditation and during our healing time throughout the lightbody awakening process. We begin with experience. You must be able to be present in the experience of lightbody awakening to be ready for the next level of the training.


Your chakras are the energetic centers of health in your body. Move through an in-depth 15-week purification & strengthening of your chakra centers and the divine feminine.Your chakras are also spiritual portals of divine energy. All spirit manifests through our chakra centers.

Our Chakra Healing Activation & Attunement course is the most in-depth training on Chakra Healing that exists. It integrates tantric philosophy with the spirit of the goddess as we move deeply into each chakra center both in mind and in spirit.We work with divine rays of light and through your connection with your crystals in meditation with the Seven Rays of Light, you begin to embody the wisdom of the light. This is an experience you will return to over and over again. It is a practice that is designed to be repeated, like an exercise routine to keep your energy field vibrant and radiant with light.


Introduction to Reiki, The Reiki Principles, Reiki Treatment, Japanese Reiki Techniques, Energetic Anatomy, Hatsurei-Ho, Gassho meditation, Hado Kokyu-ho, Reiki I Attunement, Energetic Body Systems & Healing – Distance Healings, Reiki II Symbols, Mawashi Reiki, Cleansing, Grounding and Protection, Journey to Meet Your Reiki Guide, Reiki II Attunement.



Crystals heal energetically. The place that the crystal came from within the earth is influenced by geophysical properties. 

Indigenous healers and shamans have used crystals to bring health to people for thousands of years.  Learn how ancient civilizations like Atlantis, Lemuria, and Egypt and indigenous shamans harnessed the power of crystals to enhance their relationships with God, each other and Mother Earth. 

Learn about the geophysical and metaphysical healing properties of all known 300 healing crystals. Understand how our ancestors harnessed these ancient scientific principles for healing.


A thorough introduction to the major body systems. You will understand what each body system does, how each body system relates to the others energetically. 


Integrative Crystal Therapy 101 & 102 provide a comprehensive and practical overview of evidence-based therapeutic crystal healing techniques and applications. Learn how to use energy healing, color therapy, sound healing crystal grids, gem elixirs and other crystal healing techniques to bring healing to illness and disease and as preventative treatments. 

In Integrative Crystal Therapy 102, learn how to complete a full chakra clearing and how to integrate crystals with essential oils, plant medicine, work with your angels and integrate hypnosis and mindful meditation to bring healing to illness and disease and as preventative treatments. Learn energy healing practices to keep you healthy, grounded and centered during healing work. 

Intuitive Development

Spirit is energy, Your intuition is energy. The process of refining your spiritual and intuitive gifts involves tuning into and understanding the different fields of energy that we operate within as human beings. Develop your intuition through practice and explore the practices that form the foundation for healthy intuitive work. Learn how to qualitatively define the realms of the unseen world and in depth practices including clearing, protection, whole food healing, grounding, mindful meditation, automatic writing, and working with crystal and plant medicine.

Spiritual Relationships

Development of your spiritual relationships and intuitive senses is a lifelong journey. Every relationship with spirit brings you into deeper awareness of the truth that every relationship is ultimately a relationship with self. Learn how to work with elemental spirits including faeries and unicorns, animal spirit guides, deceased loved ones, ascended masters, the Goddess, Guardian Angels and Archangels, multidimensional lightbeings and energy of our cosmos in the zodiac.

Integrative Spiritual Therapy I & II

A comprehensive and practical overview of therapeutic intuitive practices. Learn how to use spiritual methods to bring healing to illness and disease and as preventative treatments. In depth opportunity to work with others and on yourself. Work with crystals, essential oils and aromatherapy, meditation and sound to open the senses and develop finer perception.

Learn how to use evidence-based methods including color therapy, grids, and advanced energy healing and hypnosis methods to bring healing to illness and disease and as preventative treatments.



Learn how to use transpersonal psychology as a lens through which to develop language to describe your practice.
Learn about transpersonal healing methods such as somatic therapies, Jungian psychology, archetypal psychology, liberation psychology and holotropic breathwork.

Learn how to quantitatively and qualitatively define healing experiences involving the subtle energy field through scientific methods. Explore transpersonal research methods and participate in a guided research study. Plan, create and execute a simple research study and plan for your practicum.

Transcendent Energy Therapy

Learn how to weave together energy healing modalities within a therapeutic care plan. Learn and practice using Transcendent Energy Therapy to bring healing to illness and disease and as preventative treatments. In-depth opportunity to work with others and on yourself.

Learn current evidence-based energy healing techniques and applications and advanced energy healing methods. 

Train in how to create your own transcendent energy therapy treatments utilizing advanced energy healing methods and techniques, spiritual intuitive healing, crystal healing, guided meditation and mantra. Through the wisdom of indigenous shamans and healers, practice the creation of sacred space for all of your healing treatments.


USUI Reiki Master

Antahkarana Healing, Aura Clearing, Violet Breath, Reiki Master Symbols. Reiki Master Attunement. EFT Theory & Science, EFT Techniques, Advanced EFT Techniques, EFT Individual and Group Healing Practice.


A unique 6 month long practicum experience. Learn healing, coaching, speaking, teaching, writing & publishing research blueprints. Implement this blueprint in a real world setting. This practicum is designed to support an individual with an existing career or a student beginning a new career. Get bi-weekly coaching & practical advice, actionable guidance, digital marketing materials and resources to begin or expand your own healing practice with individuals or groups.


Whatever direction you decide to take career has been done before in some way. Building your dream is easier when you have the support of others who have done something similar. We have developed an online center of mentors and resources to help you build every part of your business. From strategy to technology, to communication & marketing, to accounting we provide you with a blueprint of our exact systems that have supported multiple successful business models in the field of holistic health.

A container for learning and transcendent healing...

A digital toolbox to support your journey...

Our digital toolbox provides you with audio healing experiences & digital training. All participants have lifetime access to all digital resources. We also provide you with physical tools in the form of our healing altar kit.

Gain access to 50+ hypnotic meditative energy healing experiences, programs that support maintaining a daily meditation practice and more! You have eternal access to the program portal where all healing audio and video and training & discussions take place. The program portal is more like a superportal, it includes 150 individual portals, each designed to take one week to complete of healing and learning. It is the central hub where all of your experience in this program takes place. 

Although all of the training in this program can be completed online, nothing replaces in person connection. This program has many opportunities to heal, learn and connect in person.


In the first 90 days of your healing journey, you will receive a credit for crystals that you will intuitively select to create a healing altar kit. Whether you have a lot of space or a tiny apartment, this program will teach you how to create and cultivate a healing altar for your practice. 

Our high vibrational crystals are ethically sourced and as part of the healing altar kit you intuitively select the crystals to support you through your journey. Our crystals are high vibrational healing tools. Think of each crystal like a little book. When you are trained and vibrating at the right frequency, they can teach you more than traditional books! Your crystals and healing altar kit are tools that you will be encouraged to work with actively throughout your program.


Our virtual coaching program supports you in creating and maintaining a high vibrational state of energetic health. It also trains you in the foundational principles of miraclework and supports you in the creation of miracles both personally and professionally.

This program is facilitated through live weekly group masterminds. It weaves together a series of mindsets and habits to support you in creating and maintaining a peak state of energetic health. Meet in a virtual Mastermind to support you in implementing and practicing the new mindsets and habits. Meet in person or watch on-demand. Participating in coaching is included in your tuition, it is encouraged, but not required for certification.

Events, Workshops & Retreats

We encourage every student to attend our online events, workshops & retreats. Coming together in person creates a container for transformation. All online events & workshops are free for Pleiadian Institute Students. Our retreats are a time for experiential practice and in-person attunements.

Student Health Benefits

All students receive a $468 student health benefit. The student health benefit is an annual benefit that provides holistic telehealth treatments at Indigo Clinic.



Aimee is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master and has been trained professionally in Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Therapy, crystal healing and mediumship.

She has led groups in chakra healings and served hundreds of clients in a successful private practice for the past ten years. She has taught hundreds of students in small groups in person and online about how to integrate hypnotherapy, meditation, chakra healing, energy healing and crystals into a daily healing practice. Aimee’s bestselling Chakra Healing Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization Program has helped thousands of people all over the world bring harmony back into their bodies, minds and spirits.

In the first decade of her professional career, Aimee was a national board-certified teacher and was recognized as a 2006 Who’s Who of America’s Teachers. She completed extensive graduate level educational research, she holds a Master’s Degree in Education from NOVA Southeastern University and has completed Master’s coursework in Mental Health Counseling at NOVA Southeastern University, Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Doctoral coursework in Public Health at Walden University.

Aimee is currently working to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy healing practices through the development of an evidence-based scientific research program. Her goal in all her work is to educate and empower individuals to realize transcendent health. Connect with Aimee on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also explore all of Aimee’s blog posts on Indigo International.

Blast of high vibe energy that I was running around my home…Positive mind and vibes today, felt the need to spend time outside and walk along the beach. Each step I took was mindful and of expressing my gratitude of all the wonderful things in my life. Meditated with Violet Flame & visualized the transmutation of all the challenges since my spiritual awakening and letting the darkness of my past go. I am moving forward, and embracing all of ME.


British Columbia, Canada

I began this week- having to begin again after some time away to reflect on the effect of COVID-19 and the world as we are influenced by this pandemic. I realized I have sooo much stuck energy. so much boggled up and pushed aside that I’m unsure of what direction to take. I am thankful that I’m provided a process, with structure to help guide me through this chaos. I feel lighter and more stable after really settling with my emotions around the root chakra. bearing down on where I stand in life, is tough. it’s even more shaken when the world is brewing deeply. I have found a small amount of budding peace from my meditation practice.


Louisiana, USA

I really enjoyed setting up my sacred space for this journey. That was definitely the highlight of my week. I cleaned my entire space, then set up my altar as well as a really beautiful space to do the healing work. During the week I felt a stirring in my soul underneath the surface of my being. It is awakening from its slumber never to be silenced again. It has been patiently awaiting for this exact moment to reveal itself to me. It is time for me to listen more deeply.


Ontario, Canada

‘I have been on a detox mode over the last month ever since I received news I was accepted into this amazing program and have also been practicing being fully focused on the present moment at all times. My energy levels have been amazing and have had an overall sense of peace. My attunement tonight left me feeling very relaxed and light.


New York, USA