Master Energy Healer Certification

Train in Integrative Energy Therapy,

Gain structure & support to heal, learn research & train in preventative treatments with practitioners internationally from the comfort of your home.

Our grassroots & evidence-based holistic healing training & certification programs provide career training for a new age of healthcare.


22 Courses.

Experience Healing.

Get Certified.

This 36-month online holistic certification program includes 22 courses, telehealth treatments with trained practitioners, and a 6 month practicum to learn the practical structure you need to build and maintain a successful career. It is both 100% online and includes in-person support & hands-on instruction in healing.

Get certified in 5 foundational modalities and EFT:

  • DNA Activation & Attunement
  • USUI Reiki Master
  • Integrative Crystal Therapy
  • Integrative Spiritual Therapy
  • Integrative Energy Healing Systems
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Train in Integrative Energy Healing Systems.

Integrative Energy Healing brings together evidence-based training in preventative health and research in your practice. Your true genius as a healer is awakened in the EXPERIENCE of healing itself. Our curriculum will stoke the fire within and will train, prepare & support you in your professional work. 

Our healing model leads you through daily practices to maintain a peak state of energetic health. The strength of this program is in it’s depth and in the comprehensive nature of the system itself. In addition to this, you develop skills to lead others through an ascension journey through energy healing. This is more than training in practical application, it is training in how to lead clients and groups through spiritual journeys utilizing energy healing as a tool that integrates with other tools for self-realization.


In your first year you experience energy healing programs and treatments and work deep in healing. We explore healing through vibration and light. You awaken your crystalline lightbody and chakra centers & fine-tune your ability to hear and communicate through your subtle energy field.


In your second year you learn how to integrate energy healing treatments and experiences with crystals, your intuition & Spirit in integrative treatments. You train in Integrative Crystal Therapy & Integrative Spiritual Therapy.


In your third year you begin to develop integrative treatments through Transcendent Energy Therapy. You learn Transpersonal Psychology and Applied Transpersonal Research that provide you with a language to communicate about your practice. Finally, you complete training as an USUI Reiki Master.

Courses 1 - 4

Crystalline Lightbody Activation

Our healing model leads you through daily practices to maintain a peak state of energetic health. We begin with a full activation of your lightbody, also known as your Merkaba field. Through this process, you create & maintain a peak state of energetic health through fine-tuning your energetic muscles.

Your crystals speak a vibrational language. As you awaken your crystalline lightbody and chakra centers, you fine-tune your ability to hear and communicate through this vibrational field. Learn how to heal with crystals as energetic tools and in integrative treatments and work deep in your personal healing process with your crystals. This process helps you to develop & fine tune your subtle perception. You organically deepen your intuition. It is from this place that we do our greatest work.

  • Activate your crystalline lightbody through the completion of a 40 week DNA Activation & Attunement process.
  • Activate each of your chakras and attune to divine rays of light and guided healing experiences including Violet Flame and Chakra Healing.
  • Experience Inner Child Healing, Tantric Healing Chamber, Akashic Records, Etheric Body Healing & Cord Cutting, Angelic Soul Therapy, and Journey to Meet the Consciousness of Gaia.
  • Embody the light through working with transpersonal chakras. Experience Etheric, Emotional & Mental body healing.
  • Experience Lightbody Merkaba Activation. 
  • Work with the Cosmic Star Gate, Galactic Star Gate and begin the process of training in 5th Dimensional Living.

Attunement to Rays of Light

All health emanates through the light. The deeper we understand the light, the more effectively we can use our crystals as tools to direct the light in our practice. Your chakras shape all physical, mental & emotional health.

Each chakra contains the entire universe within it, the chakras also each contain a reflection of the other chakras, so that each chakra is it’s own microcosm for the universe. It is a process that you can return to over and over.

  • Activation and attunement to the divine light of your chakra centers. 
  • Weave together Tantric philosophy, sacred mystery school teachings, meditation, breathwork and evidence-based energy healing and hypnosis practices to stimulate cellular connections.  
  • Learn how to direct light through using your crystals with each chakra center, connection to the natural elements and deities.

USUI Reiki Master

Introduction to Reiki, The Reiki Principles, Reiki Treatment, Japanese Reiki Techniques, Energetic Anatomy, Hatsurei-Ho, Gassho meditation, Hado Kokyu-ho,

  • Distance Healings
  • Reiki II, III & Master Symbols
  • Mawashi Reiki
  • Cleansing, Grounding and Protection
  • Journey to Meet Your Reiki Guide
  • Reiki I, II & III Attunement
  • Reiki Moving Meditation, Advanced Reiki Meditation
  • Reiki & Crystal Grids
  • Antahkarana Healing
  • Aura Clearing, Violet Breath
  • Reiki Master Attunement

The Energy of Crystal Healing

Learn geophysical & metaphysical healing properties of crystals. Learn the energy of human physiology. You do not need to be serving clients in a one-on-one setting, this process will serve you in any business model you are developing.

  • Gain an awareness of the history of crystal healing &  the healing properties of crystals and minerals.
  • Learn the energy of anatomy, physiology & body systems for healing.
  • Understand the major physical & energetic body systems and how they work together to maintain health within the body.
  • Learn how to use crystals to work with healing energetic body systems.

Intuitive Development & Spiritual Relationships

Every relationship is one with spirit and every relationship is ultimately a relationship with yourself.

  • Learn how to work with elemental spirits including fairies and unicorns, animal spirit guides, deceased loved ones, ascended masters, the Goddess, Guardian Angels and Archangels, light beings from other dimensions and energy of our cosmos in the zodiac.

  • Learn Mediumship and channeling.
  • Learn how to qualitatively define the realms of the unseen world and in depth practices including clearing, protection, diet, grounding, meditation and journaling.
  • Learn about clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, your subconscious mind, telepathic connections, superconscious guidance and simply being with your intuition. 

Integrative Crystal Therapy

Experience healing treatments, learn indigenous crystal healing practices, geophysical & metaphysical properties, the energy of anatomy & physiology, and a comprehensive training in evidence-based therapeutic crystal healing techniques.

  • Learn Indigenous Crystal Healing practices including Prehistoric & Ancient Civilizations.
  • Develop your intuitive mind and relationship with crystals.
  • Learn specific crystal healing practices & create a strong foundation for a lifelong practice of crystal healing therapy.
  • Learn how to use the evidence-based method of color therapy to bring healing to imbalances in the body, mind and energy field.
  • An introduction to beginner & advanced crystal grid work.
  • Learn how to use gem elixirs, essential oils and plant medicine to with the seven major chakras to bring physical, mental and emotional healing. 
  • An introduction to using hypnosis and guided meditation with crystal healing techniques as preventative treatments and to bring healing to illness and disease. 

Integrative Spiritual Therapy

Learn how to use therapeutic intuitive practices. A comprehensive and practical overview of current spiritual healing techniques and applications. Learn how to use spiritual methods to bring healing to illness and disease and as preventative treatments. In depth opportunity to work with others and on yourself.

  • Work with animal spirits, essential oils and aromatherapy, sound and hypnosis to open the senses and develop finer perception.
  • Learn about how to open your intuitive awareness up to begin to work with auras, subtle bodies and meridians.
  • Learn how to open your intuitive awareness to communicating with the realm of animal spirits through guided neo-shamanic journeys. 
  • Learn how to use evidence-based methods including color therapy, grids, and advanced energy healing and hypnosis methods. 

  • Receive step-by-step training in how to create your own spiritual healing treatments utilizing advanced chakra healing methods and techniques, hypnosis, guided meditation and mantra. T
  • Through the wisdom of indigenous shamans and healers, learn how to create sacred space for all of your healing treatments.

Transcendent Energy Therapy

Learn how to weave together energy healing modalities within a therapeutic care plan. Learn and practice using Transcendent Energy Therapy to bring healing to illness and disease and as preventative treatments. In depth opportunity to work with others and on yourself. 

  • Learn current evidence-based energy healing techniques and applications. Learn and practice using evidence-based methods including color therapy, grids, and advanced energy healing and hypnosis methods. 

  •  Train in how to create your own transcendent energy therapy treatments utilizing advanced chakra healing methods and techniques, hypnosis, guided meditation and mantra.
  • Through the wisdom of indigenous shamans and healers, practice the creation of sacred space for all of your healing treatments.

Transpersonal Healing

A comprehensive introduction to Transpersonal Psychology & Applied Transpersonal Research. Learn how to use transpersonal psychology as a lens through which to develop language to describe your practice. Learn empirical, scientific research and treatment methods that address an individual’s needs and values through the exploration of consciousness. Learn about therapies that treat the subtle energy field including transpersonal methods such as somatic therapies, Jungian psychology, archetypal psychology, liberation psychology and holotropic breathwork.

  • Demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of energy healing &/or hypnosis practices by creatively building a scientific evidence base.
  • Learn how to quantitatively and qualitatively define healing experiences involving the subtle energy field through scientific methods.
  • Receive step-by-step training in how to create your own integrative hypnosis healing treatments utilizing advanced energy healing methods and techniques, hypnosis, guided meditation and mantra.
  • Through the wisdom of indigenous shamans and healers, learn how to create sacred space for all of your healing treatments.
  • Explore transpersonal research methods and participate in a guided research study.
  • Plan, create and execute a simple research study and plan for your practicum. 

Transcendent Business Practicum

Your training ends in a unique 6 month long practicum experience. Learn healing, coaching, speaking, teaching, writing & publishing research blueprints. Implement this blueprint in a real world setting. This practicum is designed to support you if you have an existing career or if you are beginning a new career. Get bi-weekly coaching & practical advice, actionable guidance, digital marketing materials and resources to begin or expand your own healing practice with individuals or groups.


Building your dream is easier when you have the support of others who have done something similar. The YLAB is an online center of mentors and resources to help you build every part of your business.  From strategy to technology, to communication & marketing, to accounting we provide you with a blueprint of our exact systems that have supported multiple successful business models in the field of holistic health.

A strong practice is built through a network with professional resources.

Resources to Support Your Professional Work

  • Experience Telehealth Treatments

Meet virtually individually & in small in-person groups for telehealth treatments.

  • Coaching

Our virtual coaching program supports you in creating and maintaining a high vibrational state of energetic health. Meet in person or watch on-demand.

  • Workshops & Retreats

We encourage every student to attend our online workshops & retreats. Coming together in person creates a container for transformation. All workshops are free for Pleiadian Institute Students. Our retreats are a time for experiential practice and in-person attunements. 

Tools You Can Use Forever

  • Healing Altar Kit

Whether you have a lot of space or a tiny apartment, learn how to create & use a healing altar.

Our Healing Altar Kits include high vibrational crystals are ethically sourced for healing practitioners. You intuitively select the crystals for your kit & use your healing altar throughout your training program.

  • Digital Toolbox

The Master Energy Healer Program Portal provides you with 75+ hypnotic meditative energy healing experiences, video training, programs that support maintaining a daily meditation practice and more!

You have lifetime access & as a graduate you have license to use all resources in your own professional practice. The Program Portal is more like a superportal, it includes 40 individual portals, organized by topics for you to reference in your professional practice!

All health emanates from the divine light within.

Before we work with energy, we train in working with light. Light is the source of all of the energy healing work that we do. Energy healing and energy medicine, provides us with structure and tools to activate the light and natural healing mechanisms within your cells. Healing with energy is the future of healthcare.

We have been practicing energy healing within our holistic healing treatments for over a decade with transformative results.

Wonder how this works logistically?

In the words of our students...


It was the most profound release I have yet experienced, and it was absolutely amazing. All the thoughts/beliefs that I have been working on letting go for months, if not years, were stirred up and pulled out like weeds. I saw and felt them rushing up and out of me, with the words all being dissolved in the violet flame. Incredible. Intense. Freeing. The session left me extremely lightheaded (in a good way) and in a blazing good mood throughout the entire day (and beyond). So excited to have had such an intense experience, and definitely looking forward to even more release, purification and enlightenment..

Florida, 2020


'Blast of high vibe energy that I was running around my home…Positive mind and vibes today, felt the need to spend time outside and walk along the beach. Each step I took was mindful and of expressing my gratitude of all the wonderful things in my life. Meditated with Violet Flame & visualized the transmutation of all the challenges since my spiritual awakening and letting the darkness of my past go. I am moving forward, and embracing all of ME. 

Canada, 2020

Register for Fall Semester through 10.12.22


Where are you located and do I have to attend classes in person?

We are located in Providence, Rhode Island. You do not have to attend in person classes. However, we do have retreats that happen multiple times a year that we encourage you to attend. The retreats are aligned with our curriculum and give you an opportunity to practice in person and receive the healing attunement's in person. We also have retreat grants that are available for new students that provide you with financial support to attend the retreats while travel still has so many regulations and potentially unexpected pandemic-related issues. 

Explore Retreats >

What's the time commitment?

We recommend you dedicate at least 7-10 hours a week to healing, reading and participation.

All programs are delivered through healing experiences that are on MP3, masterclasses that are recorded and you can watch on-demand. There are no set times to watch the videos or complete your coursework. You will have a weekly schedule to follow with reading, masterclasses and healing experiences and you will be encouraged to complete all coursework weekly. However, you can get it done anytime of the week that is best for you.

Is there one-on-one support?


You are encouraged to schedule monthly one-on-one coaching calls as part of our Practitioner in Training program. We work with students in all different time zones so we have early morning appointments late night appointments, appointments that are during the week and on the weekend.

All of our programs also include live healing treatments with a trained practitioner in our telehealth clinic. Those are also appointments that you may make on your own time and you're able to attend them at a time that best suits you.

We have live group coaching and book talk livesteams that occur on a schedule each month You have the option to attend live, but it is not a requirement to attend live. All group coaching and livestreams are recorded so that you can tune in on-demand any time after the live meetings takes place.

Is this affordable & is there financial support?


You can break your tuition up into affordable monthly payments.

All Pleiadian Institute programs are supported by Indigo Education Foundation. A primary goal of the Indigo Education Foundation is to provide financial resources to professionals seeking to advance their career in holistic health.

If you need more financial support, we have a spectrum of services to support students who need help paying tuition. Our financial aid program provides grants & scholarships based on both need and merit and a workstudy program for students who cannot afford to pay any tuition. Our workstudy program provides an opportunity to work with us and earn credit towards your tuition.

Apply for Financial Aid >

Explore Workstudy >

About Your Instructor

Aimee is a holistic therapist, meditation artist & educator. She is the founder & executive director of Indigo International and Pleiadian Institute. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, an USUI Reiki Master and has been trained in Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Therapy & Crystal Healing. 

Aimee has relished in the creation of a successful holistic private practice for the past decade. She has helped hundreds of people heal from the inside out using tools such as hypnotherapy, guided meditation, spiritual healing and energy healing. Her bestselling Chakra Healing Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization Program has helped thousands of people all over the world bring harmony back into their bodies, minds and spirits.

Aimee taught history and health in middle and high schools in Massachusetts, Florida, and California. For the first decade of her professional life, she was a National Board Certified Teacher and was recognized as a Who’s Who of America’s Teachers. She has completed extensive graduate-level educational research, she holds a Master’s Degree in Education from NOVA Southeastern University and has completed Master’s coursework in Mental Health Counseling at NOVA Southeastern University, Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Public Health at Walden University.

She founded the first social enterprise of Indigo International, OM Apothecary, a ecommerce shop for crystal healing tools, salts and herbal tinctures. She is currently working to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy healing practices through the development of an evidence based scientific research program.

Connect with Aimee on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram. You can find Aimee’s meditations on SoundcloudSpotifyAmazon and Itunes.

The Time is Now.

It is time to be the change

we want to see.

The only way we can integrate more natural and holistic healing modalities into our world is by making a decision to commit our lives to it.

The most beautiful part of this program is the people in it are all committed to changing their corners of the world. Are you called to connect with other people who are building a healing practice?

Have more questions? Contact Us!